“Maurice graced us with his presence and the walls of the  [Eric Carle] Museum with his glorious work.”
– Eric Carle • Internationally best-selling children’s book author and illustrator

“Perhaps no one has done as much to show the power of the written word on children, not to mention on their parents, as Maurice Sendak.”
– President Bill Clinton

“Early collaborations on Sesame Street and a shared appreciation for the inventive possibilities of monsters launched a life-long relationship between Jim Henson and Maurice Sendak infused with imaginative thinking, daring creativity, and their mutual admiration for the expansive world view of children.”
-Bonnie Erickson • Executive Director of The Jim Henson Legacy

“I would look at those pictures – where Max’s bedroom turns into a forest – and there was something that felt like magic there.”” “”I’d always loved his stuff and read his books as a kid, and reread them as a teenager. And I’d go back to them when I started directing music videos and thinking about making little stories. Going back to Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen, and thinking about how perfect those were.”” “”Maurice Sendak doesn’t look at himself as a children’s book author. He looks at himself as someone who’s trying to write about childhood in an honest way. And with him as our producer, but really as our mentor, he guided us and inspired us to stay true to that.”
– Spike Jonze • Director (Where the Wild Things Are  Motion Picture, 2009)

“Where the Wild Things Are’  filled me with a great sense of escape when I was growing up  because no matter how scared I was, Maurice Sendak’s beautiful words and creatures had a way of making the most frightening things feel safe.”
– Guy Pearce • Actor

Maurice Sendak was somewhere in our house as our kids grew up, sparking their imaginations as they made their way through childhood.
– Meredith Vieira & Richard M.Cohen

“What I found was not someone rigid, but deep with a sense of humor, who was willing to switch from his Mozart music to whatever ‘20s jazz I was listening to.”
– Art Spiegelman • Pulitzer Prize-winning Cartoonist

“People think of him as a beloved, kiddie book author. He hated that. He didn’t want to be beloved, he didn’t want to be a kiddie, book author. He wanted to be an artist.”
– Derick Dreher • Director, The Rosenbach Museum

“I was a huge fan, not just because [Maurice Sendak] could illustrate so beautifully, but because he wrote in a way that had never been presented before.”
– Whoopi Goldberg • Actor

“The genius of Maurice Sendak is that he drew not only with his pencil but with his heart.
– Brian Froud • Film & fantasy Artist

“He began to be honest in the ’50s. He was laceratingly honest at a time when few others were.”
– Gregory Maguire • Author (Wicked)

“Maurice Sendak helped raise my kids — all 4 of them heard ‘The night Max wore his wolf suit…’ many times.”
– Tom Hanks • Actor, Producer

“Where the Wild Things Are [is] one of my favorite classic books of all time.”
– President Barack Obama

“[Maurice Sendak] was an inspiration to me on so many levels. His creativity, artistry and raw sense of humor were unparalleled.”
– Nicholas Leone • AFA & Chateau de Belcastel Director

“[Maurice Sendak] was one of my lifelong heroes. I met him at his house last year & adored him.”
– Mika • Musician

“He’s a North Star in the firmament of anyone who makes children’s books, in particular for his dark and clear-eyed view of the world that was kindred to me when I was in kindergarten and kindred to me now. He gives neither the comfort nor the horror of sentimentality.”
– Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) • Author

“Maurice Sendak captured childhood in brilliant stories and drawings that will live forever.”
– Richard Robinson • Scholastic Chairman, President & CEO