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On the 50th anniversary of Where the Wild Things Are, we invite you to take part in an exhibition of 50 works by the late, great Maurice Sendak. The artwork will be presented with heartfelt words from 50 extraordinary people, whose lives were all touched by this beloved author and illustrator…

The Maurice Sendak Memorial Exhibition is a retrospective of original works by Maurice Sendak. The collection will tour numerous museums and sites in 2013, the 50th anniversary of the publication of Where the Wild Things Are. Presidents, illustrators, friends and celebrities will share a quote about the renowned author; how he inspired them, influenced their careers and touched their lives. The quotes will be presented together with the artwork, offering viewers food for thought as well as a feast for their eyes.


“The first touring exhibit since his (Sendak’s) death”
LA Times

“An exhibit for all ages… Rediscover Where the Wild Things Are”
OC Register

“An occasion for celebration”
OC Bookly

“I hope they keep doing shows like this!”
Cartoon Brew

“It (the exhibition) really was child friendly…..no, not child friendly but child inviting and enticing.
I heard a couple of children begging their parents to bring them back again as they didn’t want to leave.”
Mice Chat