Wild Things at Gail Borden Library

by Janelle Walker
For Sun-Times Media
July 18, 2014

When Max in his wolf costume growls at his mother in the children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are,” he is sent to his room without dinner.

Once in his room, Max imagines his room becoming a jungle and he sails away to a magical land filled with wild things with terrible eyes and claws before becoming their king, then returns home because he smells dinner.

That story has been a children’s classic since 1964 when it was first published. Now, 50 years after the book was published, original artwork from author and writer Maurice Sendak, including original sketches from “Where the Wild Things Are,” is on display at Gail Borden Public Library, 270 N. Grove Ave.

“Maurice Sendak: 50 years; 50 works; 50 Reasons” is composed of select works by the late artist with comments by celebrities, authors and noted personalities, explained Denise Raleigh, marketing and communications director at the library.

“It celebrates Sendak’s more than 50 years as an illustrator and author and the 50th anniversary of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ with 50 of his works and comments by 50 well-known personalities,” she said.

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